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logo.gif What we do: Vaxron Corporation is a biotech company specialized in the development and manufacture of proteins in their native state and related high-throughput assay systems (HTSs). With key workforces in place, Vaxron has a vision to merge its current specialty with the development and validation of novel anticancer drugs. All products are manufactured following Vaxron's proprietary processes to meet the highest standard of the quality control, which ensures functional integrity and purity of the final products.

logo.gif Why native proteins? Recombinant proteins inherently lack covalent modifications necessary for becoming fully functional, and often times they are in aberrant conformation. These contribute to instability and poor activity of recombinant proteins, as is the case for recombinant topoisomerase II alpha. In contrast to recombinant counterparts, native proteins are highly active and stable, not showing any significant change in activity for at least 6 month of storage at -70oC and after multiple cycles of freeze-thawing. For critical research projects like yours, it is highly advised to use native proteins throughout the study or at least once for the confirmatory test.

logo.gifCurrently available are:

  • Native human topoisomerase II alpha
  • In vitro topoisomerase II alpha assay kit
  • Native human FACT (facilitates chromatin transcription)
  • Native human core histones
  • In vitro chromatin assembly kit
  • Native human SAE1/SAE2
  • In vitro sumoylation kit
  • Native human hnRNP U
  • Native human nucleophosmin/B23 (NPM)
  • Native human nucleolin
  • Native human heterodimeric complex Ku70/86
  • pNAS, a supercoiled plasmid DNA containing a sequence that promotes nucleosome assembly
  • Catenated kinetoplast DNA, the most widely used substrate for topoisomerase II alpha
  • Antibodies specific for RNA helicase A and cyclophilin B
  • Nucleolin EMSA (electrophoresis mobility shift assay) kit
  • Nucleophosmin EMSA kit
  • HSP90, a homodimeric complex isolated from nuclear extracts of HeLa cell
logo.gifNew products under development:
  • Human cytoplasmic proteins
  • Human mitochondrial proteins
  • Transcription-competent nuclear extract for RNA POLI-III systems
logo.gif In addition, Vaxron is also specialized in the following areas:
  • Establishment and optimization of the purification of human proteins
  • Expression and purification of recombinant proteins
  • Development of in vitro HTS assays

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